Learner Experiences


I’ve been doing an upholstery class at Cottenham College for a few years and have loved learning a new skill while getting to know new people. I heard about the weekend and summer school classes and after the pandemic I wanted to spend time with my friends, so took them to Saturday classes for their birthdays. They loved it! Especially the ones that didn’t think of themselves as creative, as they got out of their comfort zones and tried something new. The weekend day classes are excellent for a taster and the weekly daytime/evening classes and summer school give you time to get more involved. I’ve even got my husband hooked – we’re doing a drawing evening class together and have booked a summer school drawing class. Whether it’s by yourself or with a loved one, I can’t recommend the classes enough!

Lesley Mayhew:

I attend three regular classes each week: Jazz with Anna, Mature Movers with Margaret, and the beginners T’ai Chi class with Alison. T’ai Chi is a very calming, gentle class with a real feel-good factor. Gentle movements help with both my physical and mental wellness and is suitable for any level of fitness. This is a thoroughly enjoyable class and has made a huge different to me. My sense of balance has improved 100% – very useful as you get older!


I have attended a variety of Adult Learning classes throughout my adult life because I enjoy the challenge of gaining new skills and knowledge, and improve on those already acquired. What I have gained through the classes I use in everyday life and leisure pursuits, and this gives a sense of well being, achievement and self worth. The classes bring people together to share learning and bring an element of camaraderie, friendship and often a lot of fun.

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